Dodging reduces the attacking column shift of the attacker. A character who is Dodging may move only half his or her speed in any turn, may not engage in a charging attack, however they may perform only one other action that turn, maximum (including making an attack). A character who is Dodging makes an Agility FEAT at the start of the turn, as soon as Initiative is determined. That FEAT will determine the reduced effect of attacks on the character. The result may be “no shift”, a – 2, – 4, or – 6CS shift on any attacks stated in the first part of the round. This means that the character may only dodge attacks of which he or she is aware. A character may not dodge an unexpected attack, such as a sniper who suddenly appears, an ally who makes an attack, or someone behind the character. (Blindsiding) Powers may modify this rule, the most notable being the Spider-Sense possessed by the Amazing Spider-Man. In any event, a character who is making a Dodging attack makes any FEAT rolls in that turn at a – 2 CS penalty. Dodging is usually used against ranged attacks and charging attacks. It has no effect against Slugfest and wrestling attacks (though the character may dodge to avoid ranged attacks in conjunction with adjacent attacks — this has no effect on those adjacent other than to penalize the dodging character).


The Catching manoeuvre is a move designed to let the hero catch falling objects and teammates, as well as catch objects that are thrown and tired at them. It uses the Agility ability to make this manoeuvre. The catching manoeuvre can only be directed against one item at a time. The attempt to catch the item is made on the Universal Table, with Auto-hit, Miss, Damage, and Catch results. A character suffers -3CS on all attempts to catch objects directed against the character specifically. In addition, certain types of catches require a minimum Agility. • Unearthly Agility: catch small, fast-moving items (like bullets).
• Amazing Agility: catch large, thin, projectiles (like arrows).
• Remarkable Agility: catch other thrown projectiles.
• Any Agility: catch a falling character/object.


An Energy Attack involves those Powers that use energy to shock or damage the target as well as weapons that simulate those abilities, and include fire blast, lightning bolts, and most forms of radiation. Energy Powers have no physical component. A character using an energy attack may score a Miss, Hit, Bullseye, or Kill result. These are described in the sections below. All forms of energy attack have a maximum damage. A player may reduce the damage inflicted by an energy attack, but not the effect (from red to yellow, for example).


A Force Attack involves those Powers that use a physical manifestation of energy to inflict damage, and include the plasma jetting repulsors used by Iron Man, some forms of radiation, the Invisible Woman’s force fields, and Iceman’s battering ram. A character using a force attack may score a Miss, Hit, Bullseye, or Stun result, as explained below. A character may choose to inflict less damage with a force attack than maximum, but may not reduce the effects (from red to yellow, for example). Body Armor, force fields, and use of Powers may affect the ultimate success and damage of a ranged attack.


This is the most “normal” form of ranged attack, and consists of using a projectile weapon like a handgun, rifle, or other implement of destruction. A character making a shooting attack may score a Miss, Hit, Bullseye, or Kill result. A Shooting Attack may never be reduced by the attacker in effect or damage.


Attack involves throwing a sharp, edged weapon such as a knife or shuriken at the target. A character making this attack may score a Miss, Hit, Stun, or Kill result. An edged throwing attack may never be reduced in effect (from red to yellow, for example), but a player may inflict less damage.


A Blunt Throwing Attack involves throwing a dull, blunt weapon such as a rock, bus, or large, concave disk at the opponent. A character may score a Miss, Hit, Bullseye, or Stun result. These are as described in the sections below. A blunt thrown weapon inflicts damage equal to the Strength of the thrower, or the material strength of the thrown item, whichever is less. A blunt thrown weapon can be reduced in effect or damage.

Marvel table

MISS (White)
A character scoring a Miss result misses the intended target. The missile continues to fly, and the Judge may, if he deems circumstances warrant it, make a second roll to see if the attack hits another target in the same general area and path of the weapon.

NO SHIFT (White)
No reduced effect of attacks on the character from attempting to Dodge.

AUTO-HIT (White)
An Auto-hit for Catching means the object the character tried to catch hit the character instead. In the case of a falling object, this is as if the object made a charging attack against the character at the speed of the fall. In the cases of shooting or thrown weapons, the character is automatically hit (a white result to hit is treated as a green result).

A Miss result for Catching indicates the character has missed catching the object. If the object he was trying to catch was directed against him as an attack, the attack proceeds at a +1CS to hit.

A character scoring a Hit result will inflict damage according to the weapon. Some specialized weapons inflict no damage, but instead call for an Endurance FEAT (Mercy Bullets).

-2 CS
-2 CS reduced effect of attacks on the character from attempting to Dodge.

A character scoring a Bullseye result does damage as for a normal Hit result. A Bullseye is used if the character is shooting for a particular part of the target (the opponent’s shooting hand, for example, in order to disarm him). The nature and result of a Bullseye is left to the Judge, but it should be required for targets of less than one foot square and should never be fatal.

A Damage result for Catching indicates the character caught the object, but might damage it as a result. Treat the catch as a damage-inflicting attack on the object or character being caught.

-4 CS
-4 CS reduced effect of attacks on the character from attempting to Dodge.

The Stun result has the potential of taking a character out of the fight for a number of rounds. A character may be stunned as result of any Slugfest attack, Throwing attack, Force attack, and Charging attack. Opponent rolls against the Endurance: Stun Chart.

-6 CS
-6 CS reduced effect of attacks on the character from attempting to Dodge.

The Kill result is potentially the most dangerous for the user (and definitely the target). A Kill result may be checked for as the result of an Energy attack, an Edged attack in Slugfest, or a Shooting attack. It may also be called for by reducing a character’s total health to 0 — see 0 Health/Death. Opponent rolls against the Endurance: Kill Chart.


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