Biophysical Control

The character has the ability to consciously alter the physiology of a target.

Touch & Distance
This is accomplished by sheer force of will and does not require any physical action on the character’s part, aside from touching the target. The Power can be used at a distance but each 10 feet separating the character from the target reduces his/her effective Power by -1CS.

The Power is normally concentrated on a single target, but the character can affect as many targets as he/she desires. Each additional target also decreases the rank -1CS. For example, trying to affect two targets at a distance of 10 feet drops the character’s rank -4CS (-2CS per target).

The result of any form of this Power is permanent. (What’s the point of healing somebody if he’s just going to drop dead later, right?) The actual ongoing effects continue for as long as the character continues to use his/her Power. Once this is done, the target’s natural healing abilities and rates revert to normal.

There are seven forms of Biophysical Control, each with its own set of effects. The first four forms are benevolent, the last three are maievolent. Character who use the malevolent forms against sentient beings risk Karma and Popularity loss.

Healing— The character can cure the damage caused by wounds, trauma, toxins’, and disease. The character can increase the target’s Health by’an amount equal to the Power rank level. This is the maximum benefit the character can give per day to one specific person. The color of the required FEAT is determined by the nature and severity of the damage. Green FEATs handle broken bones, non-terminal disease, and simple wounds. Yellow FEATs handle physical trauma, wounds to organs, non-fatal poisoning, and terminal diseases. Red FEATs handle mortal wounds, coronary attacks, strokes, toxic poisoning, and massive physical trauma. The Power seals the body and returns any still-living tissues to health. It cannot replace lost tissue.

Regeneration— The character has the ability to heal (as above) and can recreate large areas of lost tissue, such as severed limbs or destroyed organs. Limbs are regrown by a green FEAT, organs by a yellow FEAT, and brain and neural tissues by a red FEAT.

Revival— The character can actually bring the dead back to life. The Power rank number is the maximum number of days the target can have been deceased and still be revived. The condition of the corpse determines the color of the required FEAT. An intact, unembalmed, undecayed corpse is revived on a green FEAT. A decayed but intact corpse needs a yellow FEAT. A red FEAT is required for partial or embalmed remains. For example, a Good rank can revive a 1 0-day-old, slightly moldy body if the player rolls a 75 or better. The Power begins by healing and regenerating any damage to the body, especially the cause of death. Once the body is habitable again, the Power automatically summons the deceased spirit back and reconnects it with the body. If the spirit was already reincarnated into another body, the spirit splits into identical halves. One remains with the new body while the other half returns home. If the spirit is trapped, the character can make an attempt to free him based on the Power rank of whatever is holding the spirit. Until the spirit returns, the body remains in a comatose state.

Damage Transferral— The character can heal another by apparently taking that damage from the victim and moving it into the character. The Power first heals the target; the manner is the same as for Healing (above). Simultaneously, the character’s body reshapes itself into a duplication of the damage being healed. Once the target is healed, the character’s Self-Healing abilities (same rank) then cures this ersatz damage. A character cannot heal another person until he/she has returned to normal.

Decay— The character can accelerate the cellular collapse of body tissue. The Power can cause Power rank damage per turn. The target becomes leprous, dies, and quickly crumbles to dust if the Power is used long enough.

Disruption— The Power can upset the Smooth functioning of the physiology. The target suffers Power rank losses to Health as he/she suffers anything from minor discomfort (nausea, chills) to fatal trauma (coronary attack).

Aging— The Power can accelerate or reverse the aging process. The normal rate is multiplied by the Power rank number. For example, a Good rank can make aging occur at tenfold rate or go in reverse at an equal rate. A green FEAT accelerates aging. A yellow FEAT stops it. A red FEAT reverses it. As the victim’s age changes, physiology and mental capacities change as well. While the Power can function as a Fountain of Youth, it can also be used to kill through old age or regression to protoplasm. A target can be protected from unwanted Biophysical Control by such Powers as Force Field Generation and True Invulnerability.

Immortality or Serial Immortality

Character Creation
When the character is created, the player must choose one of these forms. The player can select one or let the dice decide for them.

Die Roll Form
01-24 Healing
25-44 Regeneration
45-48 Revival
49-68 Damage Transferral
69-76 Decay
77-92 Disruption
93-00 Aging

Optional Powers
Another version of this power.

Biophysical Control

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