Energy Path

This is a combination of Energy Body and Carrier Wave.

Speed & Travel
The character is transformed into energy and is propelled at Power rank speed along currents of that energy. The maximum speed is of that normal Energy. The character is limited to places where the energy currents flow. Upon reaching the destination or the limit of the energy current, the character safely re-materializes. Travel can be affected by anything that disrupts the current, such as a break in an electric line or the use of Energy Emission or Control Powers. The character must be within 10 feet of the current in order to join it.

Travel Disruption
When a disruption occurs, the character must make a Power FEAT to detour around the obstacle and continue on. Failure means the character re-materializes on the spot and can not reenter the energy path for an hour. Insulation of an Intensity exceeding the Power rank prevents the character from joining the current.

The character can transform and tow along an additional mass. Treat the Power rank in terms of Strength to determine how much additional material can be transported by this Power. For example, a Typical rank can transport an additional 100-200 pounds.

While in an energized state, the character is extremely vulnerable to the energy altering Powers. These are Absorption Power, Energy Solidification, Energy Sponge, and Energy Vampirism. Any of these have the potential to trap or even destroy the character. Fortunately the character is moving at Power rank speed or the speed normal for the energy type is thus a rather difficult target.

Energy Control

Character Creation
The player must choose what form of energy the character turns into.

Optional Powers
Energy Detection and either Energy Emission or Control for the appropriate type of energy.

Energy Path

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