Health is used to determine the amount of physical damage the character can absorb before losing consciousness and potentially dying. Health does not have a rank or rank number, but rather is the sum of the rank numbers of the character’s Fighting, Agility, Strength, and Endurance. Health is lost through combat, accidents, attacks, and other potentially dangerous and life-threatening situations.

0 Health/Death
A character that reaches 0 Health becomes unconscious and stays that way for at least 1-10 rounds. The player rolls an Endurance FEAT for the character and consults the Kill column of the Effects Table. If the result is no effect, the character is Stunned for 1-10 rounds and may regain consciousness. If the result is Endurance Loss, the character begins to lose Endurance ranks. A character loses one Endurance rank per turn. The loss is temporary, but for further Endurance checks the rank number is considered to be the highest for that rank. One rank is lost per turn until the character reaches Shift 0. When the character slips below Shift 0, that character is dead. Deceased. Extreme measures must be taken to bring that character back into play.

Regaining Conscious
A character unconscious from the result of a Stun regains consciousness in 1-10 turns, and may act normally from there on. A character with 0 Health is unconscious for 1-10 turns, then can make a Endurance FEAT Failure indicates the character is still unconscious; check again in 1-10 turns. Success indicates the character has regained consciousness, and has Health equal to the character’s Endurance rank number.

Impaired Abilities
A character who has lost Endurance ranks is impaired until the Endurance is returned to original levels. One Endurance rank is healed per week in normal action. One Endurance rank is healed per day if the character is in a hospital or under a doctor’s care. Endurance cannot be healed to a higher rank number than the character had before the damage.

A character who slips to Shift 0 in Endurance is in danger of having one or more of his abilities impaired. For such a character, roll for each physical ability above Good (Green FEAT). Failure indicates that that ability is now reduced to the next lowest printed number (ex,; Monstrous (61) to Amazing (50)). These abilities may be increased after, but only by experience.

Health is regained through normal healing by the Endurance rank number of points per day. Characters with special abilities may be able to heal for greater amounts or at faster rates. This rate is doubled by bed rest and medical supervision (doctors or hospitals). A character normally heals his/her Endurance rank number in the first hour (600 turns) following the last damage and that is it for the day (24 hours). If the character takes further damage during that period, then the time is measured from that point.


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