This is a specialized form of Hyper-intelligence. The character has the ability to rapidly learn any language if sufficient material is available for him/her to work with. Once the language is mastered, the character is fluent in that language, provided he is physically capable of communicating in it.

Amount of Languages
The number of languages a character is currently fluent in is limited to the Power rank number. For example, Doug Ramsey’s Incredible rank enables him to retain fluency in up to forty languages at a time. When a character exceeds that limit, he/she begins to forget a previously mastered language. This will usually be some obscure tongue the character has had little use for, like Basic Otter or Mephitish.

Speed of Learning
The speed with which a character can learn a new language is determined by its strangeness and what source materials are available. Current human languages require a Poor FEAT. Archaic human languages are a Good FEAT. Alien but Humanoid languages are Remarkable FEAT. Animal languages are an Incredible FEAT (note: not all animals have an actual language). Alien, non-humanoid languages are an Amazing FEAT.

Source of Language
The color of the FEAT is determined by the source of the language. A green FEAT is needed if the character has access to actual instructional materials or a cooperative native speaker of that language who also speaks a language the character knows. A yellow FEAT is needed if the character has a native speaker who cannot speak any tongue the hero knows or if the character only has non-instructional samples of that language. A red FEAT is needed if the character has only fragments of the new language. For example, learning Shi’ar from watching a broadcast of a speech by Majestrix Lilandra is a yellow Remarkable Intensity FEAT. Learning spoken Primate by actually using sign language to talk with a chimpanzee requires a green incredible intensity FEAT.

The character can try a FEAT roll every hour. Failure means he simply has not yet gotten the hang of the new language.

The only real drawback to the Power is that the character may accidentally forget his/her native language, especially if they rarely uses it. Still, the character can always re-learn it.

Warping the Power
There is a danger that an adversary might warp the character’s Linguistic Power and actually negate his/her language comprehension; in such a case, the character becomes dyslexic and unable to understand simple English.

Resistance to
A curious side-effect of the Power is that it provides Power rank Resistance to Hypnotic Voice and other sonic-based forms of Hypnotic or Mind Control. The character’s mind shifts into its translation mode; it studies the medium through which the hypnosis is communicated rather than the actual message. (“Lorelei, did you ever realize that your sleep command is a high C-sharp while your paralysis command is a high C-flat?”)

Mind Drain

Optional Power


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