Magnitude of Event

There are two forms;

-Magnitude of Events

-Magnitude of Media Influence

Magnitude of Events

The magnitude of an event adds towards the Group Karma Points. Depending upon the intensity of the scenario of what or who all is being affected would determine the amount of the award/penalty. The event must involve the characters in some way where the characters’ can influence the outcome. Positive actions awards the characters. Negative actions penalize them.

Magnitude of Media Influences

The magnitude of media influences multiplies the character’s popularity score. Depending upon the intensity of the scenario the character is apart of would determine the positive or negative multiplier. The event must involve the character in some way where the character can influence the outcome. Any Heroic Act/Villainous Deed, Scenario Outcome, charity, or Measurement of Grandeur scores bracketed with [ ] illustrates what the media is reporting on and how far the news travels.

If the Measurement of Grandeur or other bracketed score is 0, the media is reporting on this issue but no influence is determined. In this case, the media isn’t swaying any opinion to the matter as the event may be deemed questionable but still newsworthy.

The following are the magnitude in which events and media influences are calculated;

• Local affects one firm/plant of a small business/company/corporation, town/village/ small city, or region. Example; Mary’s Cupcakes is small business. US Steel Irvin Plant in West Mifflin, Pennsylvania is plant of a corporation. Ithaca, NY is a small city.

• County or District affects all county or district companies of a corporation, towns & villages, large city, or large region. Example; all Shell gas stations in Clinton Count PA. New York City is a large city.

• State or Province affects all state/provincial companies of a corporation, towns & cities within a State/Province. Example; all Bank of America branches in Michigan. California is a state.

• National affects all national companies of a corporation or country/nation. Example; Jack in the Box restaurants in the US. Canada is a nation.

• Continental affects countries or nations within a specific area or continent. Example; the Euro currency of Europe. Asia is a continent.

• Global affects all global companies of a corporation, all nations, or the world as a whole. Example; McDonald’s restaurants of the world. The UN representing the world.

• Galactic affects any planetary galaxy issue. Anything involving two or more planets within a galaxy.

• Universe affects any planetary galaxy issues of the universe. Anything involving two or more galaxies.

Magnitude of Event

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