In addition to specific commitments, characters also have personal obligations to perform or do. Weekly Award, Act of Charity & Donations are all examples of personal obligations.

Daily Award
In the characters’ everyday lives receive Karma points for making the normal daily commitments. These will vary according to the character. Those with employment must live up to the terms of that employment (like showing up for the job, as a long absence fighting in the Skrull Galaxy may result in a loss of Karma and a change in Resource status). Characters with families should be expected to spend some time with those families. (The Richardses have been spending a lot of time fighting menaces and leaving their son Franklin alone -this is bad Karma.) Characters with wives or husbands are similarly expected to spend some time together to receive this reward, in domestic situations as opposed to everyday situations. A character who to the Judge’s satisfaction has completed his/her normal tasks as employee/ employer/husband/wife/parent may receive this award of Karma points.

Act of Charity
A character may also use his/her Powers to benefit the common good, or a worthy cause, in a non-combat or non-emergency situation. Characters should be rewarded according to the situation and the type of FEAT needed to complete the task.

In the Original Set, a bonus of 1 Karma point per 100 Resource points donated was set. With the removal of bookkeeping for Resources, this must be modified. In order to make a donation, the
player must state what is being donated and make the appropriate Resource FEAT if necessary. The Karma award is equal to the rank number of that FEAT (if no FEAT is required, 10 Karma points are awarded).

Example 1: Box hauls a Canadian destroyer off the shoals of Newfoundland. This is an act of charity requiring a red FEAT roll, so he receives 40 points for performing it successfully.

Example 2: Spider-Man uses his webbing to temporarily hold the scaffolding together outside an office building until it is welded. This is an act of charity, but no FEAT is required. 10 points are awarded.

Example 3: Tony Stark kicks in for a new wing of a medical center, an Incredible rank donation made possible by Stark International. Stark receives 40 points for the donation, and an additional 20 points for showing up as Iron Man at the grand opening.

Example 4: Spider-Man is gathering money for a program to give toys to small children at Christmas. The organization, wary of his rep, turns down his offer to make public appearances, but Parker still manages to donate a few bucks to the cause (Poor FEAT) and in doing so gains 4 Karma points.


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