The character can render his/her body intangible to normal matter. This enables the character to pass harmlessly through any object.

How to Phase
The character’s power rank must exceed the barrier’s material strength in order for Phasing to occur. The character can Phase through Force Fields, Body Armors, Resistances, and Invulnerabilities of lower ranks by making a green FEAT.

Because the character is out of phase with normal matter, the character cannot breathe. Thus, the practical duration limit on this power is the length of time the character can hold his breath. If the character has some way around this problem, the duration is unlimited. Note that if the power is somehow “turned on” permanently, as happened to Kitty Pryde, the power gains the ability to transform air into phased particles that the character can breathe.

Scrambling Electronics
In the Marvel Universe, Phasing has a damaging effect on delicate electronic devices. By Phasing through such devices, the character can disrupt normal activity and scramble any on-line programming.

Loosing Clothes
For modesty’s sake, it is assumed that the power also transforms the character’s clothing and carried possessions into phased matter. The power’s side effect automatically scrambles any electronics the character is carrying (Kitty Pryde wears a wind-up watch, never a digital one). If the player wants to risk the character’s modesty for the sake of a more realistic game, the player can assume either that the power only transforms whatever the character was wearing when he/she first got this power (severely limiting the character’s wardrobe) or that there is a base 70% chance that the power automatically transforms whatever the character is wearing at the time. In either case, this must be determined when the character is first created.

Character Creation
If, during the character creation process, the player decides to forego the Scrambling Electronics side effect, he/she can raise the character’s power rank +1CS.


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