Revolution X



THEME SONG: Revolution X

Marvel: Revolution X is a campaign based in today’s world. The story line focuses on men and women who attempt to hide their mutant abilities in a human ruled world. Much of what you are about to read are their stories.

Please see Adventure Log to read their stories.

Types of Physical Form

There are several physical forms in the Marvel Super Heroes Multiverse, however, because the Marvel-Revolution X campaign revolves around specific Physical Forms, the game is limited to only these forms to be created as Player Characters.

Marvel-Revolution X Physical Forms

Please Note: the PC’s are not comic book based heroes or villains. Some of the NPC’s mentioned within are those of actual people (politicians, actors, etc.). None of the views, opinions, or events expressed within the game regarding a real life person (NPC) is true. This is merely a fantasy game and the real life NPCs mentioned are only to enhance a fictional story. No actor, animal or player was harmed in the creation of the game.

Revolution X

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