Sound Manipulation

The character can control existing sound waves. He/She can increase sound’s Intensity by one rank by means of a Power rank FEAT or decrease it by the Power rank number. It also provides the character with Resistance to sound-based Powers; again, the Power rank number decreases the Intensity the attack.

This is possibly the single most useful Power of all those that don’t do actual damage. The uses are infinite:
• Muting the voices of an opponent group or noise by targeting the sound waves, unlike Vibration Control which targets the larynx itself.
• Magnifying & bending distant sound wavess to make them audible at the character’s location.
• Increasing faint sounds to enable the character to perform certain actions (like cracking a combination lock).
• Destroying sound systems.
• Controlling; pitch, timbre, intensity, and duration, including form or structure, texture, and style.

Reinforce Sound Based Powers
Sound Manipulation can also be used to reinforce sound based Powers. The character can raise the other Power rank +1CS as long as this Power functions. This has a Bonus Power of Sound Generation.

Optional Powers
Vibration to cause something to vibrate to create sound and Vibration Control to control the vibrated object.

Sound Manipulation

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