ENDURANCE RANK # of Area Spaces Swam
Feeble 1
Poor 2
Typical 3
Good 4
Excellent 5
Remarkable 6
Incredible 7
Amazing 8
Monstrous 9
Unearthly 10
Shift X 12
Shift Y 14
Shift Z 16

Unless otherwise stated, assume that most characters can swim. Swimming, however, is slow, a maximum of one area per round, unless other Powers increase that rate. Those characters who can fly at their Power rank speeds use the Water column for that speed, with a maximum of 9 areas per round (Monstrous). Surface movement is similar to land movement, except the characters or vehicles involved must float (that is, must keep the water from getting inside the boat).


Characters can hold their breath a number of rounds equal to their Endurance rank number. At this point. they must make a green Endurance FEAT. The next round, they must make a yellow Endurance FEAT. In each following round, they must make a red Endurance FEAT or start drowning. Drowning results in unconsciousness, and loss of one Endurance rank per round. When Endurance reaches 0 the character dies.


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