Vertical Area Movement

Vertical movement involves moving up and down, including on stairs and elevators, plus using special abilities such as Wall-Crawling, and sudden irrevocable downward movement (better known as falling). Look at the map. The number of floors or stories in the building would be explained by the Judge. Think of a story as a vertical area; when moving through a story, it counts as one area. A story is about 15 feet high, for those who are counting.

1 Area Space is equal to 5 Feet.

ENDURANCE RANK # of Climbing Area Spaces # of Stair Area Spaces
Feeble 3 3
Poor 3 3
Typical 3 3
Good 6 6
Excellent 6 9
Remarkable 9 12
Incredible 9 15
Amazing 12 18
Monstrous 12 21
Unearthly 15 24
Shift X 18 30
Shift Y 21 36
Shift Z 24 42


Stairs are the most common ways to go up or down in buildings. A character’s Endurance can go up or down stairs at a rate of stories per turn.


Elevators move at different speeds: old ones rattle along at 1 to 2 floor per round (up or down); most normal ones move at 3 to 5 floors per round, and the fastest (attached to most ultramodern buildings, secret HQs, and the like) move at 6 floors per round. The newer elevators operate off runners at the corners, so the old trick of cutting the elevator cables only works in older buildings.


Characters moving along the outside of a building (perhaps using Wall-Crawling or climbing abilities) do so at their normal movement rates (under unfavorable conditions, the Judge may require Agility FEATs to avoid falling). Those who are not blessed with such abilities can move upward or downward one area per turn, provided that they have some means of moving (ropes, perhaps, or gargoyles and sculptures to use as hand holds). The Judge may require Agility FEATs to climb up or down per Vertical Story Space.


A falling character moves downward 10 stories (2 Area Spaces) per turn. This means if your character falls off a really tall building, you have a few rounds to think up a way to save him/her/it before the character hits the ground. It’s not the fall that damages characters but, rather, the sudden stop at the end. A character loses 10 Health points for every story fallen. Body armor, force fields, and similar protection might absorb some of that damage (the decisions left to the Judge, depending on circumstances). In addition, those characters who fall must make an Endurance FEAT roll ; a White result renders them unconscious for 1 – 1 0 turns.

Falling: Grabbing to Slow the Fall

While falling , a character can try to reach out and grab a light-post, flagpole, cornice, or anything else that might slow or stop the fall. If a character leaps from a high place instead of falling, see Leaping

Agility FEAT- Grabbing to Slow the Fall: Success Rate

Green FEAT- Remarkable or Better
Yellow FEAT- Excellent Agility
Red FEAT- Good or Less


Vertical Area Movement

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