The character can generate non-audible vibrations. These can alter existing harmonics, effectively negating any sonic- or vocal-based Power.

Vibration Effects
The character can cause tremors at Power rank range and damage. The Power can even be used to incapacitate living targets; effects can vary from motion sickness (nausea and vomiting) to death by internal hemorrhaging.

Possible Stunts
Some possible Power Stunts include:
• Forming a vibratory shield that can provide up to +2CS protection. The vibrations make the character harder to hit as weapons are thrust aside by the field. At higher ranks it can even cause the weapon’s own structure to collapse.
• Negating vocal powers by sending the character’s own vibrations into the target’s larynx. For example, your character could reduce Lorelei’s song to a gurgle.
• Throwing machinery out of kilter by vibrating delicate components.

Resistance to
This Power includes Resistance to Vibratory attacks.

Optional Powers
Vibration Control and Sonic Generation.


Marvel Universe Tigervirgo