Birch Benson's Weakness

All of the character’s Powers have a finite number of times they can be used. This is determined by a second, independent Power rank roll; this rank number is the number of uses remaining for that Power. When a Power is depleted, the character suffers the Effect. The Judge can determine how such Powers can be recharged. All powers must be recharged to full before sunrise.

RECHARGE: Character must prepare a meal consisting of a starch, vegetable, and a meat for 1d2 people during any course of the day; Breakfast, Lunch, or Dinner. The meal must offer nourishment to those the meal is intended for.

For each additional guest member beyond 2 (example 4 members), the character may regain +1 recharge point for the same duration of time. Example, the player character is preparing a meal for 4 guests for 20 minutes. The character may recharge 1 point for the additional members instead of the standard 1 point.

The only drawback, the character cannot include themselves in the equation for recharging energy points. The character may join in the meal, but does not gain the recharge equation for it.

Birch Benson's Weakness

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