Carrier Wave

None Energy Detection

Energy Control Power- (same energy as Carrier Wave)

Energy Control Power- (same energy as Carrier Wave)

The character can manipulate energy currents to support and propel his/her body, thus attaining a form of Flight. The carrier wave is temporarily solid and visible.


The Carrier Wave can support the character and an additional load equal to its Power rank in terms of Strength.


Flight occurs at Power rank speed. The maximum speed is that of normal energy of the type composing the wave. For example, a sonic carrier wave is limited to Shift-X speed. It is limited to areas where that energy exists. As the limits of that energy’s domain are reached, it becomes weaker and finally fizzles out. The character continues to move in a ballistic arc before he/she finally crashes.


Carrier waves can be affected by the appropriate Energy Emission and Control Powers. Emission can change the speed or direction of the character’s travel. The Intensity of an opposing Energy Power decreases this Power’s rank. A supporting Energy Power adds its Intensity to the Power rank. Example: Lodestone possesses Incredible Magnetic Manipulation. He tries to stop Magneto from flying away. Lodestone’s Incredible rank decreases Magneto’s Remarkable rank to -10. Magneto comes to an inaudibly screeching halt and begins to fly in reverse at Good speed.


The energy can be any type found in the character’s environment, such as magnetism, sound, light, heat, and electricity. The character can use only one form; the player has to decide which one when he/she creates the character.

Carrier Wave

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