Force Field vs Energy Attack

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This is the field-effect version of D12. The Field protects anything within from any emitted energy forms, whether natural, artificial, or Power-based. Such attacks include Light, Heat and Flame, Plasma, Hard Radiation, Electricity, Vibration, Sonics, Cold, and Kinetic Bolts (most of the Energy Emission category). Note that this Power overlaps D7.

Character Creation-
When creating the character, the player can raise his/her rank +2CS by choosing a field that protects against a specific attack.

The force fields protects the character and the surrounding area. The maximum size of the force field is the number of areas equal to 10% of the Power rank number. For example, a Monstrous Force Field can protect 7.5 areas.

The force field completely absorbs any attack which has an Intensity equal to or less than the Power’s rank number. If the Intensity is higher, it is reduced by the Power’s rank number. The remaining Intensity breaches the force field and affects anyone within by this diminished effect.

Power Stunts-
These forms cannot be used for many of the Power stunts suggested for force fields. These cannot be used to physically attack or to handle solid materials. However, the character can develop Power stunts which reflect each form’s special nature. The character can form shields to protect distant targets at +2CS range. By expanding his/her/its field outward, the character can sweep his/her/its surroundings clean of anything affected by the force field.

The Power can be used as a filter to sort out anything affected by this force field. The force field can be formed around something it would affect, thus trapping it. The character can move the “trap” at will up to +2CS by means of a red FEAT.


Shift 0 Contact
Feeble Contact
Poor 330 Feet
Typical 660 Feet
Good 1320 Feet
Excellent 3300 Feet
Remarkable 1 Mile
Incredible 2 Miles
Amazing 3 Miles
Monstrous 6 Miles
Unearthly 10 Miles
Shift X 15 Miles

Force Field vs Energy Attack

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