The character can travel to any point in space, time, or other dimensions by traveling along bridges the character creates themselves. He/She can travel along a bridge from his/her current location to a location in space (a green FEAT), time (a yellow FEAT), and other dimensions (a red FEAT). The destination of each Gateway is a fixed point in space but the departure end always moves with the character.

CREATING A GATEWAY BRIDGE- A bridge to another location in space is created by a FEAT. A green FEAT creates a spatial bridge. The maximum distance the target can be from the character at the time the bridge is created is shown on column E of the Range Table. A Gateway through time is created by a yellow FEAT. The maximum distance into the past or future the Power can initially reach is the number of centuries equal to the Power rank number. Gateways into other dimensions or alternate time lines require a red FEAT. The trans dimensional bridges are initially limited to reaching only one dimension. Additional dimensions require development as Power Stunts.

BRIDGE FUNCTION- Once created, the bridge functions no matter how far the character is in space, time, or the Multiverse. The character has a finite number of locations he/she can bridge to. Once the character has established the bridge, he/she always returns to it when creating that type of Gateway.

MAXIMUM NUMBER OF BRIDGES- The maximum number of different Gateways the character can create is equal to the Power rank number. Shortly after gaining this Power, the character should create at least half of his/her possible Gateways. More can be added at any time. If the character exceeds the limit, a previously established bridge is replaced by the character is trying to add. Example: Gatekeeper has Good rank. She can establish up to ten bridges. She establishes Gateways to her home, her Team’s headquarters at the Avengers Minnesota mansion, her ex-boyfriend’s timesharing condo in Jamaica, the bottom of the Atlantic, geosynchronous orbit 22,400 miles above Minnesota, the crater of an active volcano in Iceland, the prisoner processing area of Ryker’s Island Federal Prison, Tahiti in the year 1287, the surface of Lake Michigan (twenty miles east of Milwaukee), and Death Valley. The need arises for a bridge to an alternate Earth. Gatekeeper concentrates on establishing the link; making the red FEAT takes her most of the day. Later she realizes that she can’t hop over to Jamaica any more. Oh well, she’d hadn’t been there with Wilford since he’d gotten married.

TRANSPORTING- Gateways automatically transport willing passengers. The Power can be used to catch and transport unwilling passengers (like foes or rampaging water buffaloes) by means of an Agility FEAT. The would-be transportee is allowed to resist in any way he can. Gateways deal with size and not mass.

SIZE- The character can transport a black hole as long as it’s small enough. The maximum size of a Gateway is the number of square feet equal to the Power rank number. For example, a Feeble rank creates a two square foot Gateway that most people could just barely squeeze through. The Gateway forms within ten feet of the character. It can maintain its existence for as long as the character concentrates on it or until he/she passes through it.


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