Slam, Stun, Kill

Most effects of combat are covered in the sections describing that form of attack. Several combat forms share the Slam, Stun, and Kill results. They are explained herein. For any one of these three results to be effective on a target, the attacker must inflict some damage on the target.

ATTACK PREVENTION- If the character’s Body Armor, force field, or natural invulnerabilities prevent the form of attack from hurting the character, then the effects of the Slam, Stun, or Kill are negated.

BORDERLINE CASES- In borderline cases where the sum total of the attacker’s damage is balanced by the target’s defenses, such that one more point is needed to affect the target, the target may be affected by Slams, Stuns, and Kills. The Slam result is possible as the result of
Blunt Attacks and Charging and refers to the physical knocking down or away of an opponent.

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SLAMS- There are three types of Slam under the Advanced Set rules. The subject of a Slam result rolls on the Universal Table for an Endurance FEAT, checking the result on the Effects Table. The result may be No Slam, Stagger, 1 Area, or Great Slam.

Grand Slam- The target is knocked away with a speed equal to the Strength of the attacker taken as ground speed. (A hit with Unearthly Strength sends the victim 10 areas.) The direction is determined as for 1 Area Slam. A character slammed into a building takes damage as if he/she were making a charging attack at that building. Buildings and other obstructions affect the speed of the character as for normal movement.

1 Area- The target is knocked one area away (ranged or area movement). If the attacker inflicted any damage on the target, the attacker chooses the direction of the Slam (any compass direction or straight up or down). If no damage was inflicted, the defender chooses the direction (most likely avoiding fellow teammates, buildings, and other large, nasty items).

Stagger- The target is knocked back a step or two, perhaps knocked to one knee, but is fully capable of engaging in combat next round. The Stagger result indicates the target takes the damage of a hit and is no longer considered adjacent to his attacker. There is no further damage unless the situation demands it. (Say, the target is on the edge of a cliff and staggers over the precipice -a great way for opponents to meet obscure deaths.)

No Slam-the target is not affected by the slam. The target still takes damage as for a normal hit.

STUNS- The Stun result has the potential of taking a character out of the fight for a number of rounds. A character may be stunned as result of any Slugfest attack, Throwing attack, Force attack, and Charging attack. The target rolls an Endurance FEAT on the Universal Table, and checks the result on the Effects Table. There are three types of Stun results.

1-10 rounds- The character is knocked out for 1-10 rounds (roll a die). During this time a character may take no actions.

1 round- The character is knocked down and may take no action next round. The character is still conscious, but as the apparent result is the same as 1-10 rounds, a character can play possum and keep his/her ears open.

No effect-No effect- just what it means, the character is not affected by the Stun result.

KILL- The Kill result is potentially the most dangerous for the user (and definitely the target). A Kill result may be checked for as the result of an Energy attack, an Edged attack in Slugfest, or a Shooting attack. It may also be called for by reducing a character’s total health to 0 (see Health). The target receiving a Kill result makes an Endurance FEAT on the Universal Table, checking under the Kill column of the Battle Table. There are three results on this table.

Endurance Loss- indicates that the character’s Endurance is reduced by one rank. The character is dying (check under Life, Death, and Health), and will continue to lose Endurance at one rank per turn until the situation is cleared.

E/S- result indicates the character is affected as an Endurance Loss only if the method of attack was Edged attack in Slugfest or a Shooting attack. Any other attack form is considered No Effect.

No effect-No effect- The character takes damage as listed for the attack form, but is not slain.

Slam, Stun, Kill

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