The character can travel along vertical or inverted surfaces with only minor difficulty. The maximum speed, assuming the character is using all his/her limbs to Spiderclimb, is the same as the character’s normal ground movement rate.

Limited Speed- Each pair of limbs not used to climb decreases the overall speed -2CS. For example, Spiderman can walk up a wall using only his feet if he is holding something in both arms, but it takes longer because of his decreased grip on the wall.

Stickiness- The Power rank determines how strong the character’s adhesion is to a given surface. The climber must make an Intensity FEAT based on the relative slipperiness of a surface.

Carrying- The character can carry additional weight. The amount is based on the character’s own weight and strength. Each additional mass equal to his/her body’s weight decrease the Power’s effectiveness -1CS. Example: Spiderman has Incredible Strength and Amazing Spiderclimbing. He weighs 165 pounds. Each additional 165 pounds of mass Spiderman carries decreases his Power rank -1CS. Attempting to climb while carrying the Thing (weight 500 pounds) decreases his rank to Excellent (if the Thing is hanging from a web) or Good (if Spiderman is actually carrying him).

Special Movement- The character can move through dense vines, tangled vines, or similar areas by using this Power instead of Agility.

NEMESIS: Matter Conversion.


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