The character can vanish at one location and instantly reappear at a distant site. He/She does not physically cross the intervening distance and is not affected by most physical barriers.

TELEPORTATION EFFECTS- Teleportation always occurs, but the character must make a Power FEAT to see how well he/she makes the trip. Failure means he/she arrives disoriented and cannot take any actions the following turn.

PASSENGERS/CARRY- The character can carry along anything he/she is touching (except the ground on which he/she stands), up to his/her Strength’s weight limit. Passengers must make a green Endurance FEAT or be disoriented for 1-10 turns. As the character rematerializes, gases and liquids move aside before he/she solidifies. Normal safeguards prevent the character from consciously Teleporting into a solid mass.

TELEPORTING INTO SOLIDS- If the character accidentally teleports into a solid, he/she must make an Endurance FEAT. Success means the character instinctively jumped to another location and promptly fainted for 1-10 turns. Failure means the character takes damage equal to twice the solid’s Material Strength or actual Strength, if the blockage was a living being. In the latter case, that being takes equal damage.

PREVENT TELEPORTING- Certain conditions can prevent the character from Teleporting. If the character doesn’t know where he/she is, psychological blockage may prevent the character from consciously Teleporting. Extremely dense materials like Neutronium or black holes are impassable. Barriers that incorporate such Powers as Power Negation, Force Field vs. either Energy or Magic, or True Invulnerability are also impassable at higher rank.

CHARACTER CREATION- The Optional Powers are Teleport Others and Clairvoyance.


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