Types of Weakness Stimulus

Character Creation-

Roll d100 to determine weakness of character.

01-13 Elemental Allergy Weakness

14-18 Molecular Allergy Weakness

19-43 Energy Allergy Weakness

44-68 Energy Depletion Weakness

69-81 Energy Dampening Weakness

82-94 Finite Limit Weakness

95-00 Psychological Weakness

Tips- Heroes and villains should do their utmost to prevent anyone except their most trusted companions from learning the nature of their Weakness. Barring that, the character should try to find ways to avoid the Stimulus or circumvent the Effect.

Players and Judges should work together to develop a playable Weakness. The more Powerful the character, the more common the Stimulus should be. For example, when testing the character generation system set, I rolled up a character named “Godling.” Godling was a Normal Human who had been Reborn into an Entity of Great Power. He possessed 30 different Powers, but had one tragic flaw. Magnetism completely negated his Powers. (He spent all his days and nights trying to escape Earth’s gravitational Pull.)

The Nemesis Power can be used to simulate Stimuli, but this should be used as a last resort. Judges who do this should be penalized by the players.

Weakness Effects

Duration of Weakness

Types of Weakness Stimulus

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