The character can devise and assemble any weapon that can be made with the available materials.

CREATING WEAPONS- As to what weapons he/she can make, use of the Resource costs listed in the Hardware section of the Player’s Book (pages 42-46). Compare the Power’s rank with the cost of the desired weapon. Equal or lower cost weapons can be created on a green FEAT. A cost of one to three levels higher requires a yellow FEAT. A cost of four to six levels higher requires a red FEAT. If the cost of the desired weapon is more than six levels higher than the character’s Power rank, it is an impossible FEAT. Example: Dr. Fixit has Excellent Weapons Tinkering and access to his brother-in-law’s junkyard. He wants to build a battle-copter with adamantium armor. The copter has an Amazing cost. True adamantium has a Shift X cost; secondary adamantium has an Unearthly cost. Dr. Fixit makes the yellow FEAT; his copter will work. He doesn’t have any adamantium, though, and tries to improvise. He fails to make a red FEAT; neither batch of “home-brewed”adamantium worked. Oh well, he can always convert that old boiler he found into armor plate.

UNAVAILABLE MATERIAL- By means of a red FEAT & spending 100 karma, the character can even improvise a means of creating unavailable materials (adamantium, for example). Provided he/she has the resources, the character can assemble a functional copy of any weapon.

WEAPON STATS- Needless to say, the player will have to develop stats for anything he/she comes up with. If he/she successfully copies existing technology, like the Iron Man battlesuit or a SHIELD Plasma Beam Handgun, he/she can simply use the established stats for that device. Weapons Locker (MHAC8) by Epperson and Grubb is a valuable aid to the player of a character with this Power. A clever character can also use this Power to make money off of other characters by building weapons on commission. After all, somebody’s got to be building all those super-weapons that fill the pages of comic book.

CHARACTER CREATION- When creating the character, the player can choose to make the character a jack-of-all-trades or specialist in a particular field. If he/she chooses to specialize, he/she can raise the rank +2CS. Categories of weapons include:
Edged and Blunt weapons
Projectile weapons
Energy weapons
Heavy weapons
Battle weapons
Alien weapons
War robots


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