A player gains a Karma Multiplier for his/her character through good role-play and running his/her character in an interesting, intelligent, & team focused way, There are no negative multiplierss, as the assumption is made (at least by the designer) that you guys know what you’re doing.

Group Honor
At the end of a gaming session, the group may award a Karma Multiplier to a player (not to themselves) who has proven to the group that they have done something unique, learnt something, played their character best, or achieved a goal alone. This award is granted only to one player and is voted upon by the group.

Role-Play Award
At the end of a gaming session, the Judge may award a Karma Multiplier to players who have shown a good knowledge of the character’s personality. For characters from the Marvel Universe, this means the role-playing is in line with how the character is presented (Hercules is loud and boisterous; Wolverine, while not continually going into murderous rages, is short-tempered and threatening). For characters created by the players, these awards are given in light of the player’s stated motives and previous actions. (Captain Outrageous, “the hero who fears no evil,” running from a fight with Terminus may be making an intelligent decision, but still is not acting in character.)

Unique or Humorous Award
Let’s face it: one of the key reasons for role-playing is the gathering together of diverse people with the intent of swapping bad jokes and having a good time. Laughing in the face of danger is a trademark of some characters, but even Wolverine and Captain America get in a wry chuckle from time to time. Or, accomplishing a unique stunt that has captivated the goup into awe. The Judge should award a Karma Multiplier to any player who can come up with a joke, pun, humorous or unique situation.

Team Player
This award is granted to any and all players who has demonstrated that he/she is a team player when accomplishing team goals. This does not mean that the player must always follow, but may lead the team as well. Team players do not step away from their character’s role-playing personalities, however when the chips are down, they are able to work with & save other players when needed, and not put any team member in harm’s way or put a negative light upon the group.

Campaign Awareness
This award is allotted to individual players who can contemplate the group’s goal by retelling major situations which have occurred in the game. The player does not have to share full details but must recall events that the character is aware of. Having a team member share information to the player’s character is considered events that the character is aware of.


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